Fien Troch Belgium 2016, 103 min

After youth detention, Kevin (17) moves in with his cousin Sammie, where he is rapidly adopted by the latter’s friends. But why, Sammie’s mother increasingly wonders, can’t he return home to his mum and brother? Sammie’s friend John, who visits regularly, suffers the tyranny of his crazed mother and Sammie’s girlfriend feels attracted to Kevin. So there are all kinds of tension within the group when they are confronted by a truly horrific event.

This, Fien Troch’s fourth film, shot in a variety of formats, once again demonstrates her mastery of human drama in this story inspired by real events. From the opening scene onwards, there’s an almost palpable tension between the characters, which is emphasised by the soundtrack by Johnny Jewel, who contributed to the 2011 soundtrack of Drive.

This film and Q&A was aired on Saturday 28 January

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Without a doubt one of the best moments of 2016 ⚡️-18 days until #fientrochshome 11.1.17

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